Precision Casting House in Centrifugal Castings varying from 100mm to 1000mm in diameter upto 4 mtrs long & from 20 kgs – 3000kgs in weight. We are casting all types of Copper alloys such as Tin Bronze, Phosphorous Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Gun Metals or any other Copper alloy as per Customer specification.

Our foundry is duly approved by IRS, LRS & DGQA (MINISTRY OF DEFENCE)

We have a range of horizontal and vertical spinning machines which are supported by five different capacity furnaces. Combined annual capacity of AFPL in terms of pouring weight is 500+ tons with maximum cast weight of 3,000kgs.

We have already manufactured castings for the Marine & various Industrial applications and offer third party inspection including various Classification societies to our customers.

Apart from above, we also have a separate warehouse maintaining stock of various alloys & extensive range of Steel dies ensuring faster deliveries to our customers.